SELLeZ is a user-friendly, online inventory application which allows the user to create a navigation menu to manage your own inventory.

All small dealerships have to watch costs, and $100 to $200 per month is a substantial commitment. The advantage of SELLeZ is easy to comprehend at $299 per year, not per month! We get around that expense by keeping our costs at bay.

The average sell cycle of three years with an automotive listing app is $2400 per year. Over 3 years it can cost over $7200. Add up three-year ownership and that's revenue better spent on marketing. What does a $699 down and $299 per year sound like with SELLeZ? This will increase your TARGETED marketing ads via the other proven means of your marketing arm like Craiglist or Pay Per Click Adv in your market not theirs. 

SELLeZ Can be used for the following items: Boats, Campers, Jet ski, Trailers, Trucks, Heavy Equipment and more

 What kind of software do we write SELLeZ with?

Our application is coded in PHP and SQL. This is the most stable and cost effective language in the industry. We have nothing against the Microsoft Points. It's just that we don't have to pay any license fees to them, thus saving our clients money. Our servers are cloud-based so you never lose your data when your computer crashes, get stolen, burnt, or smashed. Our application works on Macs, and PC’s, Mini’s, Samsung pads, and laptops. Gregory Olsen also offers over 40 years of combined industry experience in the IT and automotive fields as founder and president.

  • NOW with an eCOMMERCE module for parts/apparel ect.
  • Basic account includes up to 100 cars at a time
  • Pays for itself with one average automotive sale
  • eZ to use Contact Form per listing
  • Create your categories, i.e Just Listed, Trucks, Vans, Sedans
  • Add/edit/delete your listings with one click
  • Upload up to 25 images
  • Edit your listings price changes on the fly
  • Remove your inventory or mark it SOLD
  • Finance calculator
  • Share on Facebook or Twitter

SELLeZ gives our clients control over their inventory by allowing them to manage items in any format while, most importantly, associating categories, such as jet ski, boat, RV, autos, heavy equipment, or anything else that has a make, model, and year.

SELLeZ’s architecture lowers our cost by creating only one listing application versus 20 designs. Our experienced programming staff can also customize your site for any modification you can dream up. Just call us for a quote and we'll put it in front of you within 24 hours.

For more information, please contact us at 941 306 FAST and start saving your advertsing dollars for your own targeted local campaign that you know works.