SELLeZ Online Listing Application


SELLeZ gives our clients control over their inventory by allowing them to manage items in any format while, most importantly, associating categories, such as jet ski, boat, RV, autos, heavy equipment, or anything else that has a make, model, and year.

SELLeZ’s architecture lowers our cost by creating only one listing application versus 20. Our experienced programming staff can also customize your site for any modification you can dream up. Just call us for a quote and we'll put it in front of you within 24 hours.

About our Founder

Captain Greg Olsen was born in Queens, New York, and grew up in a small Cleveland, Ohio, suburb for more than 50 years. As a young adult with a love for high performance automobiles, Captain Greg started a 5,000-square-foot automotive business at the age of 20 after working in several automotive dealerships, including Alfa Romeo, FIAT, Mazerati, MG, Triumph, and Volvo. He ran his own foreign car repair and body shop from 1978 through 1992. During those years, he also raced Formula Cars, Sports Cars and ALMS cars. After selling his business in 1992, he went into the Sports Marketing Promotions Industry with the USCF for three years before starting an ISP in Cleveland, Ohio, called After generating some $2M in revenue with application development, hosting and internet access, Greg sold his company, keeping the rights to his eZ Applications, and formed a new company called that would allow him to focus solely on his applications. These three applications are CHARITeZ, GALLEReZ and SELLeZ. Captain Greg moved to Sarasota, Florida, in 2012, the day after his birthday, to get away from the long, cold, northern winters, and to run charters year round.

Captain Greg is an avid power boater and charter captain. When we say charter, we don't mean fishing charters. Captain Greg runs a high-speed charter on the weekend in a 1350-horsepower offshore Cigarette boat